davinci resolve

Davinci Display for external monitor without using extra hardware

Davinci DIsplay

DaVinci Display is a virtual display for DaVinci Resolve. The main purpose of the application is to mirror the preview and allow to place it anywhere in your desktop. It enables you to have a picture preview in the external monitor without using extra hardware like Decklink or Unltrastudio.

How much does it cost?
US$ 25.00

Click HERE to download free trial:

Download Davinci Resolve 12.5 lite FREE

Davinci Resolve 12.5 FREE DOWNLOAD


Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve is a high-end color correction suite replete with an elaborate control surface designed for professional colorists. It costs $30,000.
There's $1,000 software-only version that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux - Davinci Resolve Studio and Free  Davinci Resolve Lite version.

What you miss in Davinci Resolve Lite Version?

Collaborative Team Work
Database Server Option to share database with multiple Resolves.
Remote grading
Edit Sizing
Real time noise reduction
Extended HDR grading controls
Motion Effects palette with noise reduction and motion blur.
Added support for DaVinci Color Transform Language, .dctl
ResolveFX Film Grain - GPU accelerated, 
ResolveFX Lens Flare
ResolveFX Lens Blur
Real Time Timeline Power Mastering
UHD Limit

Da Habibi - Abdelfettah Grini is back with a new single

Color Grading Moroccan singer Abd El Fattag El Grini: Da Habibi.
Da Habibi is the popular Moroccan singer Abdelfettah Grini’s first single in five years. Courtesy Platinum Records.
Shot in RED HDRX - 5k. - Red Digital Cinema Camera
Graded in Davinci Resolve 11 Studio by Sudip Shrestha.