Shooting in Dubai Guidelines and Faqs

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If you’re shooting in Dubai, the first thing to consider is filming permission. If you want to film in a public place you must have official permission from the Dubai Film and Television Commission (DFTC).


Only companies registered in Dubai Media City (DMC) or Dubai Studio City DSC) can apply for permission from the DFTC. If yours is not such a company, you have to engage a qualified company to do this. One issue with the permission is cost. If you’re shooting for a corporate video or a television show you are most likely not used to having to pay an application fee of US $220 (800 dirhams) plus an additional US $550 (2,000 dhs) per day of filming in a public place.


Plus whatever administration fee the company applying for the permission on your behalf might charge. A good way to reduce this cost is to do all your public location shooting on particular days so you limit the daily charge. The steps to getting filming permission are:


The steps to getting filming permission are:


 1. Find a company registered in Dubai Media or Studio City that will apply for the permission on your behalf. Most companies will not do this unless they have crew on the job. The reason for this is that if anything happens during the shoot that upsets the authorities, the company that secured the permission could risk having their trade license revoked.
2. The company making the application should send you a list of all information they will need. This includes passport scans for everyone coming to Dubai for the shoot and a no objection letter confirming you are happy for the company to apply for the permission on your behalf.
3. Once the company making the application submits the information and passport scans you provide along with the required application documents you have to wait until the DFTC completes the process. The DFTC will contact other government bodies such as the police and the municipality before granting filming permission. Waiting to hear back from these authorities can sometimes delay things. The company submitting the application should follow up daily after three working days.
4. Once approved, the DFTC will notify the applying company and let them know the permission, an A4 document you must carry with you when filming, is ready for collection. If an application is rejected, it is unlikely you will be told why. Generally applications are approved.


If you want to do a shoot in UAE, plan in advance - and if you want to shoot in public places, allow time to get filming permission - at least five working days. Remember you will need a Dubai Media City or Dubai Studio City company to secure the permission on your behalf and most of these companies will not apply for the permission unless they have someone on location when you shoot.

Shoot permission requirements for UAE?

1.Passport copies of all crew.(Clear color scans.)

2.Letter from you to us and we will add a letter from us to the authorites on letterhead with stamp.Here’s a template of your letter.

To who’m it may concern,…………… are working with film production company ­­­­­­­­­…….............................  with a media licence to film in the UAE on a TV commercial shoot for ……………We will be filming at the following locations in Dubai(or name the emirates) and would like to have permission to shoot from Date………………. to Date………………..

List of all locations  and list of all crew.

The script and storyboard is attached and we naturally promise to abide by the rules regulations and morals of the United Arab Emirates.We appreciate your kind corporation in this matter.

With regards.(Sign and stamp on letterhead).

3.Treatment and simple storyboard.