Edelkrone in Dubai - Slider one, Flex Tilt head

Introducing the world's most compact slider in Dubai.

The SliderONE is just 6″ (15cm) of camera travel and supports camera setups up to 20 lbs (9kg). On the underside it has a friction dial on one end, and a lock on the other.

Flex Tilt Head

The Ultimate Camera Head Solution to frame your shots hassle-free.

Slider One- 250 AED/Day (Includes tripod + Slider one + Flex Tilt Head)
Flex tilt head - 150 AED/DAY(Includes tripod + Flex Tilt head)

Slider One - 1500 AED
Flex Tilt Head - 1000 AED

Contact : - 052 367 8416