HDR Color Grading Solutions


HDR requires high contrast with deep blacks & bright whites, not just brighter pixels. Simply making a scene brighter isn’t the solution and can skew the creative intent of a scene. 

Different types of content (theatrical, live sports, local news, and music videos), benefit from different approaches. An old TV show (vintage color correction) does not require the same level of remastering for HDR that a new theatrical release would require. Creating content now in HDR provides greater flexibility, even if the final delivery format is not HDR. Expanding the dynamic range of content to improve the experience while preserving artistic intent is what we do best. Our services include a range of solutions for both existing libraries and new content creation from camera original RAW content.

HDR color grading services are available at Pixel House post production facilities in Dubai, UAE. Projects will be graded to the HDR specifications set forth by the UHD Alliance by colorist Sudip Shrestha.

Mail : Sudip@pixelhouse.ae for booking a schedule.