Color Grading in Dubai

Coloring is about sense.” Sudip Shrestha, the first professional colorist in the Nepali film industry and the only one to be registered by the Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA), joined the Tambi Studios’ team in November 2013. Introducing himself as “the man behind the people behind the scenes”, he’s been a “pro” for more than 7 years in DI correction. a combined complex coloring technique of color grading, digital intermediating and tone setup, which gives a visual output showing digitally corrected colors.

Latest work

According to Sudip, colors move parallel to human emotions: “if you see an off-saturated scene, it would mean there is pathos, sadness or lifelessness. Blue color tone would mean wintery cold, harsh tone. Similarly, warm tones like red indicate happy tones.” So far, he has professionally worked on more than 55 films, and these days, he does an average of 4 films every month, using Da Vinci, Scratch and Apple Color softwares and giving equal priority to music videos and television commercials.