High Dynamic Range Camera - 17+f stops

High Dynamic Range Camera - 17+f stops

Contrast’s amp®HDR camera system is the most efficient HDR video system in the world. Combine the ampHDR camera with our proprietary (developed in-house), real-time merging and tone-mapping algorithms and an HDR monitor, and the integrated system produces and displays accurate, real-life scenes with displayed luminance ranges that go far beyond what is possible with any other camera.

The HDR system employs Contrast’s patented amp image-splitting and combining technology to compose a single video stream from multiple sensors. The video stream can be recorded raw or tone mapped (to 8 bits per color for standard display, 10 bits for HDMI Deep Color, or 16 bits for HDR display) and output via HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI or other formats. Contrast’s merging algorithm — a proprietary mix of real time merging, blending and horsepower — handles exposure separations of 5 stops or more. 

Contrast’s amp technology provides unsurpassed image quality, especially when lighting is difficult to control:

  • Medical endoscopy
  • Manufacturing inspection, evaluation and quality control
  • Industrial welding, molding and cutting processes
  • Military imaging systems for tracking and recording
  • Security and surveillance
  • Scientific experiments
  • Film and video: sports events, nature documentaries
  • Underwater photography
  • Real estate – portable real time video displays
  • Consumer cell phone cameras and digital cameras