color grading panel

Scratch 8 - Colour Grading Studio in Dubai

The Suite is equipped with latest Assimilate Scratch 8.4 version of world's best DI software enabling filmmakers to craft the art of color grading beyond imagination.

Pixel house Color Grading suite offers :

  • ACES LOG - Grading option
  • Real time VR post production 
  • Stereo 3D Color Grading Studio
  • Real time 6k Color Grading Workflow
  • Digital Cinema Mastering - DCP
  • Davinci Resolve Grading Suite
Colorist - Sudip Shrestha has joined Pixel House as a senior colorist. He has graded more than 50 feature length movies , 200 tvcs in Assimilate Scratch. 

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The Cheapest Color Grading Panel OXYGEN PRO PANEL $800

Strong oxygen Oxygentec ProPanel MK II officially certified toner Taiwan 

A control surface is an essential piece of gear for professional color correction.

The new OxyenTec ProPanel's relatively straightforward interface accompanies the most critical elements for a control surface: the triple rings and dials for controlling shadows, midtones, and highlights. 

t just around $800, OxygenTec's board is most likely a less expensive distinct option for the JL Cooper Eclipse, the Avid Artist Color, the Tangent Element and even the more established Tangent Wave model. 

The DaVinci control surface maps a considerable lot of Resolve's capacities to devoted catches and handles, making reviewing a breeze. Be that as it may, its weighty sticker is out of scope for some. Fortunately, outsider surfaces from Tangent, JL Cooper,Avid and newcomer OxygenTec outfit a significant part of the DaVinci board at a small amount of the expense. With less catches and dials, you'll be looking through menus to discover the parameter to change, a long way from a major issue to numerous. 

The ProPanel is accessible now and incorporates locally with DaVinci Resolve, joining by means of USB. Beside the primary dials and trackballs, a few catches line the highest point of the control surface. From left to right, you have charges for

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Grab Still
  • Play Still
  • Previous Node
  • Next Node
  • Start Dynamic
  • Mark for Keyframing
  • Base Memory (resets just the node you’re on)

No matter which model you choose, a control surface is an essential aspect of getting any job graded and delivered on time. 

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