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Color correction is the process where you make adjustments to the color and contrast of footage in your video. It involves tweaking every clip in your footage to provide a good level of exposure, not to mention matching color temperatures between different shots.

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Color Grading - Lexus TVC in Dubai

Here's a quick look on before and after grading shots of lexus tvc. Graded by colorist sudip.

X-Rite ColorMunki Smile - Cheapest Monitor Calibration

We've all been there, looking at our pictures on the computer, wondering why they don't look the same as we remember them. Maybe all the colors look a little off, or only one or two. It just shouldn't be this way! With X-Rite ColorMunki Smile it doesn't have to.

ColorMunki Smile is the perfect tool for the photo hobbyist, like the family photographer, scrap booker, or designer. You'll even appreciate the difference when you're gaming or viewing images on line. Really it's for just about any enthusiast that wants to know the color on their monitor is correct.  Price US $ 89.00

ColorMunki Smile is the perfect tool for the photo hobbyist, like the family photographer, scrap booker, or designer. You'll even appreciate the difference when you're gaming or viewing images on line. Really it's for just about any enthusiast that wants to know the color on their monitor is correct.

Price US $ 89.00

The X-Rite ColorMunki Smile Color Calibration Solution is a simple calibration tool to help ensure your laptop or desktop monitors are consistent and displaying proper color values. This calibration solution can be used with just one LCD or LED monitor or on several to maintain accuracy from monitor to monitor. Once the colorimeter has been placed over the desired monitor, operation and calibration is handled through an intuitive wizard-driven software program that utilizes the same color engine technology found in professional-level X-Rite color calibration solutions. Once calibrated, a before and after image can instantly show you comparative results.

A calibration reminder will also automatically notify you as to when it is time to re-calibrate displays, helping you to consistently maintain color accuracy across all of your monitors.

  • Helps to ascertain proper color accuracy and consistency on one or several monitors.
  • Straight-forward, simple software requires no color science knowledge.
  • Automatic reminders notify you when it is time to re-calibrate your monitors.
  • Simple online help videos provide troubleshooting assistance and eliminate the need to refer to other manual.

The Cheapest Color Grading Panel OXYGEN PRO PANEL $800

Strong oxygen Oxygentec ProPanel MK II officially certified toner Taiwan 

A control surface is an essential piece of gear for professional color correction.

The new OxyenTec ProPanel's relatively straightforward interface accompanies the most critical elements for a control surface: the triple rings and dials for controlling shadows, midtones, and highlights. 

t just around $800, OxygenTec's board is most likely a less expensive distinct option for the JL Cooper Eclipse, the Avid Artist Color, the Tangent Element and even the more established Tangent Wave model. 

The DaVinci control surface maps a considerable lot of Resolve's capacities to devoted catches and handles, making reviewing a breeze. Be that as it may, its weighty sticker is out of scope for some. Fortunately, outsider surfaces from Tangent, JL Cooper,Avid and newcomer OxygenTec outfit a significant part of the DaVinci board at a small amount of the expense. With less catches and dials, you'll be looking through menus to discover the parameter to change, a long way from a major issue to numerous. 

The ProPanel is accessible now and incorporates locally with DaVinci Resolve, joining by means of USB. Beside the primary dials and trackballs, a few catches line the highest point of the control surface. From left to right, you have charges for

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Grab Still
  • Play Still
  • Previous Node
  • Next Node
  • Start Dynamic
  • Mark for Keyframing
  • Base Memory (resets just the node you’re on)

No matter which model you choose, a control surface is an essential aspect of getting any job graded and delivered on time. 

Icolorsit Video Review

Davinci Resolve 12 - Beta Released

The latest version of Blackmagic's  Davinci Resolve 12, has arrived.

Davinci Resolve 12 - Beta version - Color Interface

Davinci Resolve 12 - Beta version - Color Interface

It has become so much more over the last few years, and in version 12, it's now a full-fledged non-linear editor. The free version is known as DaVinci Resolve 12 and paid version DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio.

They are essentially still the same products, and the free version still has the same limitations. With the nearly $1,000 Resolve 12 Studio (which is a free upgrade for previous owners of Resolve), you'll get support for multiple GPUs, 4K output, motion blur effects, temporal and spatial noise reduction, 3D tools, and remote and multi user collaboration tools. 

Whats New?

  • Enhanced 3D Tracker 
  • Brand New 3D Keyer for Color Correction and Compositing
  • Slick New Interface that's Cleaner, Easier on the Eyes
  • Multicam Editing with a Host of Sync Options
  • Improved Trimming including Advanced Simultaneous Multi-Track Trimming
  • Nesting Timelines for Working on Large Projects with Multiple Complex Timelines
  • On-Screen Controls for Manipulating and Animating Motion paths of Graphics
  • Highly Customizable Transitions Using Curves Editor with Bezier Handles
  • Real Time Audio Mixing by Recording Fader Moves
  • VST and Audio Unit Plugins for Full Control of Audio
  • Export to Avid Pro Tools for Professional Audio Mix
  • Improved Media Management and Bins
  • Download Davinci Resolve 12 - free version.

Get Inspired : Adobe Color CC with Lumetri Color Tool


Adobe Color CC is a very helpful tool for artists and designers that allows them to capture five colors through whatever is being viewed through their iOS device’s camera. And, it works flawlessly.

What makes Adobe Color CC so incredibly useful for creative types is that it’s so simple to use — simply point your camera and snap a photo. You’re then given an accurate color palate, including HEX codes and RGBS numbers to import into your preferred program (which is likely Adobe Photoshop if you’re reading this). After you’ve taken a photo, you’re then able to name your color theme for later use. The color theme is automatically added to your Creative Cloud library, allowing easy integration with Photoshop and Illustrator. The theme is also automatically synced to the Color service, which also allows you to use it in Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as InDesign and Adobe’s other mobile apps like Illustrator Draw.

Even though Adobe Color CC generally captures the exact color of an object, you’re able to bring the color into an interactive color wheel to allow you to edit and refine your color theme to exactly how you want it. Colors can also be shared, tagged and commented on through email, Facebook and Twitter, as well as other users of the Adobe Color CC.

Adobe Color CC is a simple but intuitive tool, and an absolutely necessary iOS app for illustrators and designers. Being able to not only grasp a color from the real-world, make it digital, and then edit the color as necessary is quite a useful thing to be able to do. Head over to theApp Store to download this gem for free.

Learn How it Works- Adobe Color CC?


A true color correction panel into Adobe Premiere Pro is the best thing the application has seen in years. 

The Lumetri color panel brings simplicity and ease of use via Photoshop/Lightroom-like tools to an application that was extremely challenging to do color work with before.


  • Super simple interface
  • Multiple panels that work depending on how you like to adjust color
  • Linked with Adobe Hue
  • Built-in LUTs that allow you to immediately play with color grades
  • The Color Wheel pane is designed very intelligently, and should reduce the chances of “over-cooking” a scene
  • Sharpen option works really well


  • The built-in LUTs are only ok, nothing jaw dropping
  • Renders after utilizing the color panel can take a while to process.

Learn How to use Lumetri?


Experience the highest levels of creative DI with SCRATCH®. Feel the speed of real-time for ultimate productivity.

THE NEW UPDATE 8.3 features :

Full resolution support for RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, DLSR and all other popular camera and media formats

Real-time full resolution, native playback of all popular camera formats

  • Fully ACES compliant
  • Oculus Rift VR360 file format including Cylindrical, Equi-rectangular, and Cube formats, for output to a secondary monitor, or an Oculus Rift DKI or DKII
  • REDCODE RAW.r3d including monochrome footage. Support for multiple RED Rocket cards with DRX control
  • RED Dragon
  • ARRIRAW including new ASSIMILATE customARRI fast Debayer – built for significant speed while still preserving color accuracy
  • Sony F5/F55/F65 including 6K and 8K
  • SONY Mpeg-2 .mp4, .mov and XAVC HD/4K .mxf
  • Phantom
  • SI2K
  • Panasonic RAW, P2/MXF and AVCHD
  • Canon C500, C300, Magic Lantern (.raw and .mlv), 5D, 7D5D, 7D
  • Blackmagic Design Cinema DNG, BMDPocket camera
  • Vanguard Video H.264 encoding (Mac and Windows)
  • Aaton Penelope
  • Ikonoscop
  • GoPro
  • QuickTime
  • DPX
  • Over 50 additional formats

    Powerful finishing tools

  • Shot Versioning: SCRATCH CONstruct manage multiple versions of the same 2D or 3D shots within the same timeline for easy comparison
  • Vector paint
  • Subtitling support
  • Apply OFX plug-ins to create a wide range of visual effects
  • Direct Output: Real-time tools for frame-rate conversion, image-resolution scaling and frame-accuracy to monitors, projectors and tape decks using both DVI and SDI interfaces
  • Multiple Deliverables: Create alternate versions in different resolutions, image formats and framing, all from a single source
  • Fast, highly interactive color grading

  • An entirely new, flexible viewing model

  • High-speed conform and confidence checking

  • Mix-and-match RED.r3d files with ARRIRAW or Phantom (or any other media format recognized by SCRATCH), even Canon DSLR, within the same resolution-independent timeline
  • State of the art metadata and timecode support

  • Advanced audio sync

  • Stereo 3D workflow support

  • Live View™

    Flexibility and extensibility

    Future-proof your workflow with an advanced and scriptable XML back-end that allows you to:

  • Automate SCRATCH to maximize productivity
  • Access your job anywhere via HTML
  • Integrate SCRATCH via XML with other tools in your workflow such as Nuke, Shotgun, Avid or Final Cut Pro
  • Enhance SCRATCH with OFX plug-ins such as Sapphire, Beauty Box, Twixtor, and Neat Video
  • Built-in SQL database supports a full range of metadata

  • System Requirement
  • OSX 10.7 and up
  • Windows 7 and up
  • CPU

  • Min. preferred: Intel i7 Quadcore
  • GFX

  • Preferred: Quadro K500, K6000 / Firepro W8000, W9000
  • OSX: NVIDIA 4000, K5000, ATI Radeon 5770 / 5870, FirePro D500 / D700
  • RAM

  • Min 8Gb, Preferred 12Gb
  • SDI

  • AJA Kona, T-Tap, Io
  • Bluefish444 Epoch
  • BlackMagic DeckLink, UltraStudio
  • NVIDIA Quadro 6000SDI on Windows