oxygen pro panel

The Cheapest Color Grading Panel OXYGEN PRO PANEL $800

Strong oxygen Oxygentec ProPanel MK II officially certified toner Taiwan 

A control surface is an essential piece of gear for professional color correction.

The new OxyenTec ProPanel's relatively straightforward interface accompanies the most critical elements for a control surface: the triple rings and dials for controlling shadows, midtones, and highlights. 

t just around $800, OxygenTec's board is most likely a less expensive distinct option for the JL Cooper Eclipse, the Avid Artist Color, the Tangent Element and even the more established Tangent Wave model. 

The DaVinci control surface maps a considerable lot of Resolve's capacities to devoted catches and handles, making reviewing a breeze. Be that as it may, its weighty sticker is out of scope for some. Fortunately, outsider surfaces from Tangent, JL Cooper,Avid and newcomer OxygenTec outfit a significant part of the DaVinci board at a small amount of the expense. With less catches and dials, you'll be looking through menus to discover the parameter to change, a long way from a major issue to numerous. 

The ProPanel is accessible now and incorporates locally with DaVinci Resolve, joining by means of USB. Beside the primary dials and trackballs, a few catches line the highest point of the control surface. From left to right, you have charges for

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Grab Still
  • Play Still
  • Previous Node
  • Next Node
  • Start Dynamic
  • Mark for Keyframing
  • Base Memory (resets just the node you’re on)

No matter which model you choose, a control surface is an essential aspect of getting any job graded and delivered on time. 

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