The grapherScope Try it for free - win/mac


SCOPEs for videographers, photographers, graphic designers and whoever want to learn, teach, talk, change color .  Application features-

  1. Stand-alone solution; for Mac OS X and Windows Platform
  2. Global SCOPEs like: Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor, RGB Parade, Saturation Spectra, Luminance Spectra
  3. Filtered SCOPEs like: Skin Scope, Shadow Vectorscope, Highlight Vectorscope, Midtone Vectorscope
  4. Up to 3 pixel pickers at one time for color evaluation
  5. Interplays with photo viewers, video players, internet browsers, photo editors, video editors, color grading tools, effect tools etc.
  6. Does analyze color in real-time 
  7. Tracks adjustments during color correction, color grading or retouching
  8. New: Organic adaptation to partner applications by resizable frameless SCOPEs, auto hide functions and GUI recognition
  9. Quick and intuitive access by few key strokes and mouse clicks
  10. Does analyze from any area of primary screen
  11. Stays always on foreground of all programs, resizable, can stay also on secondary monitor 
  12. Easy to use compare procedure 
  13. Based on YCbCr Rec. 709 color model
  14. Eliminates any influence of visual manipulation
  15. Helps color correction and grading in a non optimized environment
  16. Helps in case of broadcast save working