A good colorist will enhance your project, set the right tone for your story telling and ensure consistent look that will meet the idea of your story.


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Colorists are often the last thing people think about on many lower-budget projects, but besides a good sound editor, they are what bring your video to the next level. A good colorist is capable of (within reason) making your footage match perfectly from shot to shot, and they are often a great second set of eyes to give you a new perspective on what your project is about and how it can look its best. Even if you choose to do your own color correction and grading, understanding the mindset that a colorist uses when approaching a project can help you produce better work with a more consistent vision throughout.


Some media only needs to be lightly touched for color correction and adjustments in the shadows, mids and highlights. Other jobs require a more detailed discussion and a unique application of color correction and grading of the images. As you can imagine, this just takes longer.
This is why it is very important to call well in advance of your deadline.I can often pass along advice that will help simplify the color grading process, which can save your time and money.

I am always ready to discuss your vision and love to be a part of it.

If you're looking for someone for color grading process of your ad, music video, or film a fun and fulfilling process that leaves you with a warm-fuzzy-feeling and a kick ass finished product, please feel free to get in touch.